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Lan Gear MicroATX cases

Lan Gear, An Innovative Concept for Small Cases. For a Great Computer Experience!

Introduction : DaBox 100 Build recommandations

The Lan Gear DaBox100 is a SFF microATX case which combines a great compacity with a large space for components. The box is compatible with two GPU systems (SLI/Crossfire), large CPU cooler, full ATX PSU.

Double GPU configuration Large CPU Cooling System Large GPU system Large PSU ATX
Lan Gear DaBox100 Crossfire SLI Lan Gear DaBox100 ventirad compatibility Lan Gear DaBox100 compatible with large GPU Lan Gear DaBox100 compatible with large GPU
Crossfire of ATI Radeon HD4870 Ventirad Scythe Mugen 2 : 130 x 100 x 158mm ATI Radeon HD5970 : 315mm PSU ATX : Up to 180mm long

Lot of space in the box but choose wisely your components. Here is a list of the differents limitations :

  • RAM
  • CPU cooler
  • PSU : modular is best
View of Lan Gear DaBox100
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