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MiniITX cases

Lan Gear, innovative conception of small case for a great computer experience

The miniITX by Lan Gear


Only 170x170mm for the motherboard
Case about 288x217x370 mm


High end graphic card and CPU


Sockets AM2/3, 1366, 1156, 775.
High end ventirad. Watercooling H50 Compatible

Discover the Lan Gear miniITX Cases Infinity & Effi -->

Why a miniITX case by Lan Gear ?

Because you can have the power of an ATX case in a tiny box

Compacity, Power & Lightness

Compact, Spacious, Light
Complete & Powerfull
Fresh & Silent
A real gaming ring in a tiny box

Our goal: The maximum power into the smaller space as possible.

For a powerfull gaming rig, for overclocking purpose, for silent HTPC configuration, we choose to build an aluminium case, light, compact, ventilated and compatible with also all CPU ventirad, ATX power supplies and all Graphic cards

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